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Tedeex want to be a global Marketplace for Designers to Showcase Your Designs for Textile Industry Globally.

How Do I Make Portfolio on TEDEEX?

First you need to Create Account (Already account Login) on TEDEEX, and You will need to fill out a few details and send us six of your designs; our experienced team will have a look through them to ensure that they are of the standard that we require to keep tedeex the best source for Textile Designer in the world.

Start Uploading Your Work.

Once you're Portfolio Created you need to upload Images of your work to Showcase your creative skill and connect with the large number of customers. Update your portfolio regularly to get more customer Attention.

Interact and get work/Job

TEDEEX offer direct interface to designer and customer so that you discussed the details and get work/Job

Earn Money

Complete work as per customer requirement and earn more money.

OK, Create Account (Already account Login) and let’s start making you some money.